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About Kootenay Botanicals
About Kootenay Botanicals

About Kootenay Botanicals

Humble Beginnings

Originating from the Kootenay region of British Columbia, our collective of growers have been at the forefront of the BC craft cannabis industry since the early 1990s. Throughout the years, our cultivars have been featured in compassion clubs and dispensaries across the country. At Kootenay Botanicals, we offer our finest genetics and flowers direct-to-consumer, as well as cannabis derivatives from BC’s best producers.

About Kootenay Botanicals

Mission & Values

Cannabis is commonly represented by the basic psychoactive and physiological effects of getting high. In reality, there is much more to cannabis than its effects on the mind and body.

At Kootenay Botanicals we are passionate about cannabis and aspire to build a better understanding, appreciation, and sentiment around cannabis culture.

Cannabis culture is rooted in more than just its effects such as its cultivar, aromas, taste, and consumption methods. Explore the world of Cannabis through our incredible selection of quality products.  

Kootenay Botanicals is an advocate of Cannabis culture. We promise to allow you to make informed decisions on Cannabis by providing accurate and enlightening information at all times. 

Your opinion matters to us! Kootenay Botanicals strives to provide a positive and seamless experience for our customers. To achieve this, we provide a dedicated customer service team, and a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. 

Your time matters to us! All orders are processed within one business day to ensure timely delivery of all our products. Same-day delivery and next-day delivery are provided in The Greater Vancouver Area, Greater Hamilton Area, and more.  

About Kootenay Botanicals

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Since inception, Kootenay Botanicals has worked closely along side Indigenous communities. Through our relationships, we have established 3 core values that represent our community and workplace. 

That is diversity, equity, and inclusion of all people throughout all aspects of our business. 

Society is made up of individuals with a vast range of identities, abilities, backgrounds, cultures, experiences, skills, and perspectives. We understand and recognize uniqueness and constantly strive to establish a diverse community and workplace.

We recognize differences between and within groups of individuals. We strive to use this understanding to provide an unbiased space that is fair to all members of our community and workplace.

We strive to build an environment that is supportive, welcoming and respectful of all people. Members of our community will not be judged on their unique qualities, but celebrated.

Kootenay Botanicals acknowledges the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the kʷikʷəƛ̓əm (Kwikwetlem),  sq̓əc̓iy̓aɁɬ təməxʷ (Katzie), Semiahmoo, Kwantlen, S’ólh Téméxw (Stó:lō), and other Coast Salish Peoples. We thank these First Peoples who continue to live on these lands and care for them, and whose relationship to these lands existed long before the founding of Canada or British Columbia.

Be Part Of The Story.

At Kootenay Botanicals, we take great pride in providing a vast selection of quality products. To achieve this, we are constantly looking for additions and improvements to our menu. Become a valued vendor of Kootenay Botanicals and represent your amazing brand in our store. 

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