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CBD Goodies

CBD Goodies is yet another CBD product for animals. Apart from the others that offer products just for dogs, CBD Goodies doesn’t forget about small tigers as well. In their product catalog, you’ll find delicious treats for both dogs and cats! All their products are natural, meaning that they don’t come with artificial additives or preservatives. They’re made out of 100% Canadian beef so that your pet will have the highest possible quality snack. It doesn’t have any artificial colors. At CBD Goodies, they are all-natural and so, they aren’t really interested in masking it. Their products have natural color and look like they should – natural, beautiful beefy hues. And, last but not least, in every single snack there is a small portion of CBD which is proven to be beneficial for animals. You don’t have to worry about the dosage as well since every single piece of snack has the same amount of CBD in it. And, as a plus, on their site you can check what product and what amount of snack is good for your pet based on their size. The chart they give is sweet and pretty self-explanatory so you don’t have to worry about not picking the right product for your fluffy friend. And, if you have some questions, their customer service is very fast and will resolve any issue you may have.