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DOSE edibles

Dose is a premium brand that offers all kinds of edibles. They make their products following all the security and standard measures there are. And, the final product is well worth a shot. The gummies they offer to their customers taste great and have different amounts of THC based on your needs in them. They advise that you be careful when picking the edible for you as some of them can hit quite hard. For this, they have a good tutorial that you should read before you opt for buying some of their products. They categorize their gummies in rookie, senior and expert classes, all depending on your previous experience and whether you ate edibles before or not. And people are different. Some may get a good hit from just 4-5 mg, while others need a bit more than that – up to 50-100mg. It all depends on your preferences and if your body and mind are ready for it. And also, you should keep in mind that some edibles need time to kick in. So, if you don’t feel anything in 30 minutes, don’t feel down and start complaining that you bought the wrong stuff. Some edibles need up to 60-90 minutes to kick-off, and when that happens, they kick strong. All in all, if you’re looking for a premium edibles supplier, you should check Dose out.