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We all know that in the last couple of years, vaping has become increasingly popular. And how wouldn’t it? It’s fun to vape, and many studies showed that it’s way less invasive and harmful than smoking. At Haze, they took their vaping game to a whole different level. They try to introduce an overall new standard in the vaping industry and establish themselves as a high profile, go-to supplier if you want to get yourself a vape. They specialize in CO2 oil. It has been proven that the CO2 oil that they use in their vapes is much better than distillate as it’s safer and cleaner. And when it comes to inhaling something in your lungs, we bet that you want to use the most reliable and the highest quality products. When Haaze uses CO2 in their vapes, they don’t deactivate the plant terpenes and cannabinoids. This ensures that the oil is one of the highest quality on the market. If you want to check more about Haaze, check their website for more information about the company and the vape pens and accessories that they sell.