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Shhhh might have an exciting name, but their products are even more impressive. They produce uniquely CO2 oil, which is made from their flowers and terpenes. It is extracted by local partners using the supercritical fluid extraction method (SFE) with CO2. The resulting product is a delicious CO2 oil that contains relatively high intact-terpene content – naturally much higher than BHO/shatter – to which we then add back about 3% terpene profile derived from the original plant. In this way, the unique flavor profile of each specific strain or blend is genuinely emphasized. They add one more step in the process of their oils called winterizing. For this, they use food-grade alcohol. Basically, in a nutshell, what this does is that it purifies the end product. What you’re left with is an oil that doesn’t have any chemicals in it, with the highest purity. It’s entirely plant-derived and doesn’t contain any solvents, PG, or carriers. At Shhhh, you can also buy pre-rolls. Each contains one gram of their homegrown stain and comes in a reusable tube, which is convenient for storing and maintaining the pre-roll freshness.