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Blue Magoo Cookies

(8 customer reviews)

Grade: AAA
Type: Indica Dominant

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Blue Magoo Cookies

Blue Magoo Cookies is an indica leaning strain with lineage originating from Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Heron. Buds are medium to large in size, and have a sativa-typical structure. Long conical buds are fluffy, a muted shade of green that’s threaded with rust coloured pistils. A thick coating of trichomes provides a sticky texture. Aromas are a mixture of floral berries and herbal lavender with an underlying pine scented musk. Effects onset quickly, slight mental stimulation boosts creativity as relaxation flows through the body to provide relief from pent up tension. Blue Magoo Cookies’ sedative properties makes it best suited for nighttime use.

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

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8 reviews for Blue Magoo Cookies

  1. Alanj (verified owner)

    Nice cerebral lift, good for afternoon love making. Then bam, nap time. Wake up relaxed for next five hours.

  2. Dosidicus (verified owner)

    I find this strain not as powerful a high as some others… it eases you into it and comes down easy. Flavour is nice. Not as much skunk aroma as other strains. Would buy again. (I vape in a G-Pen).

  3. Mgurango (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes amazing! Nice high!

  4. Earl Burkes (verified owner)

    I’ll go the same way as the previous reviews on that product. Got a 5.4 gr nugget into my 7 grams. Excellent quality buds no doubt about this. Taste wise, you can expect a very good blueberry pie taste. Candidate for a rebuy (FYI: I do vape this one into a Solo 2.)

  5. Redd1489 (verified owner)

    Really enjoy this one for relaxing, find I keep coming back to buy more ! Mellow without feeling like sleeping

  6. Third_Eye (verified owner)

    My eighth was one huge nug. Smoked nice, taste was there and I really enjoyed the effects. I’d buy again

  7. jkuyr1 (verified owner)

    Buds were large and tight. Smokes great with an impactful high. Would buy again.

  8. John (verified owner)

    Awesome blueberry flavour. Very pleasant cookies high! Another to add to my growing list of favourites!

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