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Bubble Hash – Island Pink

(12 customer reviews)


Island Pink Bubble Hash


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Earn 25 Points worth $1.25!
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Island Pink – Bubble Hash

Island Pink Bubble Hash is made in BC using a specific phenotype of Island Pink Kush. This indica hash combines the genetics of Bubba Kush and Pink Kush to present aromas of sweet skunky notes accented by flowery vanilla undertones. Flavours liken to the aroma, in a delicious blend of skunk and earth. Island Pink Bubble Hash effects onset with a euphoric boost, lifting the mind and easing stress. Its relaxing sedative effects target the body, melting away pent up tension and erasing pain. Due to these effects, Island Pink Bubble Hash is an excellent choice for treating insomnia, chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

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12 reviews for Bubble Hash – Island Pink

  1. JBOO420 (verified owner)

    Very delicious and a very clean smoke. Added a fantastic boost to anything I was smoking.

  2. MonsterM (verified owner)

    Un bon petit hash glace. Se recolle en le pressant. un goût magnifique et doux.

  3. mathieuroy077 (verified owner)

    Bon au goût, le buzz est correct, je recommande.

  4. Day (verified owner)

    crumbly, nice to top off a bowl, not harsh

  5. devonkilpatrick (verified owner)

    Fresh, flakey and tasty. Best bubble hash I’ve ever had.

  6. Lucas J. (verified owner)

    Really nice stuff. I usually pick up a small amount and sprinkle it on top of bowls as a “final kicker” right before bed. Creates a nice deep sedating stone.

  7. armiteth (verified owner)

    This is great stuff! I was a bit concerned after trying some of the Afghani hash here and not liking it, but this bubble hash is really nice. Strong and smooth

  8. T (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this!

  9. Duffman6988 (verified owner)

    Good stuff. Good tasting

  10. First Name from ID Document Last Name from ID Document (verified owner)

    If you like bubble you better act fast
    Best bubble in last couple years on any site in Canada

  11. Beacon420 (verified owner)

    Delicious, very sticky, great Indica Buzz.

  12. joshbucky420 (verified owner)

    (1) Looks : This came exactly as it looks . It is nice brown soft and also crumbly . This hash is not puddy more of a brownie consistency.

    (2) Smell : Very smelly for hash sweet piney alcoholy and kushy ontop of the classic coffee hash smells im use to very pleasant.

    (3) Taste : This is a nice non melting bubble hash. Sweet and a little tangy mixed with a hashy coffee kind of taste with a little bit more spicey flavor on the exhail one of the most tastey bubble hashes ive had .

    (4) Buzz : strong indica buzz after three bongs rips each all pains went away. Very strong body buzz but also very sleepy hash. I could close my eyes and dose off as I’m write this if you want something to unwind after work this is what you want but maybe don’t dose as heavy as I did .

    8 / 10 not one of those plain jain hashes

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