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Budget Buds! – Ice Cream Zundae (28g Small Nugs)

28g (1 Ounce)

Type: Hybrid

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Ice Cream Zundae


Ice Cream Zundae is the offspring of Sundae Driver and Bitch Slap. While the buds are on the smaller side, they make up for it in density, being firm to the touch and heavier than their looks suggest. The meticulously trimmed, mottled green buds have short auburn pistils dusted with trichomes. While the aroma is subdued at first inspection, cracking open the buds reveals their true nature with a healthy dose of conifer and earthiness hitting your nose.

Ice Cream Zundae makes for an easy smoke and a joint that stays lit until the end that burns to a light grey ash. On the exhale you’ll taste notes of pine with bits of herbal spice, and the high will have you feeling relaxed and spacey. Make sure to have some munchies close by as you’ll get hungry!

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