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Live Resin (Diamond)

(3 customer reviews)

Live Resin

Contains: 1 Gram

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Diamond – Live Resin

Diamond Concentrates is Canada’s premier seed-to-sale extract company. Each gram of their product is grown and processed in house. This allows Diamond Concentrates to stringently control each and every process in the production of their product.  If you are looking for quality and reliability with an exceptional selection of medical cannabis extracts then choose products from Diamond Concentrates.

Diamond Concentrates offers a very wide selection of strains so you don’t have to look elsewhere to find the medical effects that you need to get relief you need to be happy and healthy.

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Rockstar, Skywalker OG, Purple Tangie, Warrior Kush, Death Bubba, Pink Tangie, Monster Cookies, Purple Space Cookies

3 reviews for Live Resin (Diamond)

  1. tomhrusko (verified owner)

    Great products, have tried many of the Diamonds flavours. This hits out of the park , home run….

  2. Zack4477 (verified owner)

    Pretty cool containers and boxes but overall I can’t give it a 5. But by all means it was good, just not 5-5.

  3. Usernam3420 (verified owner)

    Order purple tangie, and wasn’t blown away to be honest. The product seemed dried out or something, either way it didn’t have that “holy that smells exactly like the strain it was made with!” aroma when I opened it/smoked it (which is one of the major selling points for me when it comes to concentrates). Also a touch expensive at $60 a gram.

    Still got me high as a kite with only 2 hits and burned clean on the nail though, so it certainly isn’t bad.

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