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Dutch Hawaiian

(7 customer reviews)

Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

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Dutch Hawaiian

Dutch Hawaiian is a sativa dominant strain that crosses Hawaiian and Dutch Treat. Aromas of sweet citrus and a spicy floral earthiness brings on a tropical fruity flavour accented by earthy pine when burned. Dutch Hawaiian holds a loose, sativa typical bud structure with tapered, spade like shapes. Bright green with yellow orange pistils wind throughout a fine coating of trichomes. Effects mount slowly, taking a few minutes before being fully felt. Effects start with an uplifting euphoria with a sharpened perception and a cerebral mindset while being anchored with a sense of physical relaxation. Dutch Hawaiian is excellent for chronic pains and aches, fatigue, stress and appetite loss. However, strain is not recommended for those prone to panic or acute anxiety.

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1 gram, 3.5 gram, 7 gram, 14 gram, 28 gram, PC – 1 Gram, PC – 3 Grams, PC – 7 Grams, PC – 14 Grams, PC – 28 Grams

Strain Type

AAA, Sativa

7 reviews for Dutch Hawaiian

  1. Tink420 (verified owner)

    good strain,uplifting buzz nice taste priced a bit high but good service thanks

  2. Lisallicq (verified owner)

    I liked the taste of this one. It did the trick but there are others I wouldn order before this one again.

  3. Fredumatin (verified owner)

    Nice and mellow daytime smoke. Not too strong but well balanced. Always a good strain for me.

  4. OldJames (verified owner)

    I ordered this, again…got me supper all day sativa high, again. Read my other reviews, experienced toker here. You need to buy a bag of this shit now! Bob’s your uncle.

  5. OldJames (verified owner)

    On my second O and still love this strain. If u like functional, euphoric and energizing sativas, u owe it to yourself to try this one.

  6. OldJames (verified owner)

    Currently this is my main daytime strain. Has a nice euphoric uplifting effect that mellows out into a relaxed but very functional high. A must for any sativa lover.

  7. Jomojo (verified owner)

    Tasty. Nice buzz. Exactly as pictured. I vape exclusively, tends to clog up screen quickly, which in my experience means good things. Grinder is a bit clogged too…. all good signs.!

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