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Flower Sale! – Purple Candy

Grade: AA

Type: Indica

THC: 18-22%

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Purple Candy

Purple Candy is an indica-dominant hybrid cut from the delicious Canadian BC Sweet Tooth and the California original Mendocino Purps strains. It has a lovely aroma of dried flowers mixed with cream, honey, sugar, and grapes. There are similar grape flavours to Purple Candy, as the name implies, along with sweet honey and some earthiness. The medium-sized buds are a beautiful purple colour with tiny orange hairs and caked in frosty white trichomes. Purple Candy exhibits a body-centred high that begins euphoric, happy, and relaxed, followed by a deep body-stone that induces couch-lock or bedtime.

Aromatics: Earth, Conifer, Musty, Spice

Effects: Mellow, Relaxing, Body-Stone, Calming

Medical: Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Stress

From humble beginnings to a realized present, Vibrant Cannabis Co have been doing it right in Maple Ridge since 2018. Bolstered by a team of farmers with years of experience, you can expect the quality of the product to match the price tag, every time. Premium Quality – Prime value.

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