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Ghastly Goodies Pack

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These Ghastly Goodies are perfect for curling up and watching a scary movie.


  • 2 Pre-rolls
  • 1 Disposable vape
  • Truffles & chocolate almonds
  • Sour worms & 2 gummy packs

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Ghastly Goodies Pack

The weather’s getting colder, the pumpkin spice is in the air, and the nights are getting longer, which can only mean one thing- it’s that spooky time of year again!

That’s right, Halloween is around the corner and if you’re itching to go howling at the harvest moon, we’ve got the Ghastly Goodies pack for you!

These Ghastly Goodies are perfect for curling up and watching a scary movie, and with the plethora of delectable edibles and disposable vape, you won’t even have to leave the couch- unless you’re the more adventurous, trick-or-treater type. In that case, we’ve got you covered, too, with 2 of our famous pre-rolled cones to toke anywhere you go- whether you’re on the way to a costume party, out gathering candy, or running away from Michael Myers.

So get ‘em before they’re gone because this haunting deal won’t be coming back from the dead!



1 x Chocolate Almonds (Sweet Jane) Dark Chocolate
1 x Gummies (Boost) Variety Pack THC – 150mg
1 x Sour Worms (Medicated) 400mg THC
1 x Gummies (Dose) Rootbeer
1 x Truffles (Dose) Multipack
2 x Pre-Rolled Cones (Kootenay Botanicals)
1 x Disposable Vape (KleerX) Strawnana

1 review for Ghastly Goodies Pack

  1. JennJ (verified owner)

    Amazing pack!!! Honestly one of the best combo packs to really get a good variety of new products to test drive edibles. (and there were some pre-rolls in there too) I’m newish to edibles and have made my own coconut oil butters for bullet coffee but hadn’t bought many pre-made products. By far the gummy worms were my favourite for dosing. I started at 1/4 (25mg dose) and ended up using 1/2 a worm as a good dose for me, usually could follow it up with another 1/2 within 4-6 hours. Helped with pain management and used mostly at night.

    Dose truffles taste amazing (So.Damn. Good) but I find it hard to believe they are 60mg/chocolate. I found them weak and ate two close together and felt very little. And I consider myself low to medium tolerance depending on if I ate food prior. The sweet Jane chocolate covered almonds were also delicious (no aftertaste or weed taste) but disappointed in their strength.
    I have ordered Boost variety pack before. I use them for pain during the day because they’re low dose. I do feel them. They do have a bitter aftertaste but it’s a great value. I have not tried the vape pen yet that came in this pack. I hope Kootenay Botanicals keeps making these variety packs with different products!

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