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Gummies (Medicated)

(10 customer reviews)


Contents: 2 x 40MG THC Worms : 80MG THC Total | Sour Bears: 4 x 6.25MG THC per bear : 25MG THC Total | 4 x 100MG THC Worms : 400MG THC Total

Dosage: 25MG THC | 80MG THC | 400MG THC

Earn 3-20 Points worth $0.15-$1.00!
Earn 3-20 Points worth $0.15-$1.00!
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Medicated – Gummies

25MG THC | 80MG THC | 400MG THC


Small batch candies handcrafted using only Full Spectrum Shatter and quality ingredients to ensure accurate dosage and an unparalleled experience. Medicated Hard Candies was created by a passionate team of chefs on a mission; to share the power of healing with their medicated goodies at an affordable price!

Type: Hybrid

Contains: 2 x 40MG THC Worms : 80MG THC Total  |  Sour Bears: 4 x 6.25MG THC per bear : 25MG THC Total | 4 x 100MG THC Worms : 400MG THC Total

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, THC/CBD, Natural & Artificial Flavour, Colour, Gelatine

Extraction Method: Butane extracted

Please enjoy within 2 weeks of receiving.

KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. For adult use only. Cannabis may impair concentration, coordination and judgment.

In some cases, cannabis may improve concentration, coordination and judgment.

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence.

Medicated Edibles are small batch candy makers, bringing quality ingredients together to provide fun and tasty THC infused treats for your enjoyment and well-being. Stay Medicated Canada!


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Gummy Worms – 80MG THC, Sour Worms – 80MG THC, Sour Bears – 25MG THC, Sour Worms – 400MG THC

10 reviews for Gummies (Medicated)

  1. Stayhip (verified owner)

    Sweet little high

  2. JennJ (verified owner)

    Still love the 400mg dose of the worms. Best value. Best high too. I don’t feel the same sensations of sleepy, lazy, relaxed as I do with the 400mg dose.

  3. JennJ (verified owner)

    I order the 400mg option. I’ve ordered these several times and they are great every time. Start slow but if you’re like me your tolerance will change day to day and usually go up as time goes on. Great product would love it if they had more sugar free options in edibles though.

  4. coppino (verified owner)

    What do you expect?! One of the best priced products available, and they work! Yes, it’s a little rubbery and the taste isn’t ideal, but it’s definitely worth the price.

  5. frisianduck (verified owner)

    Nice little sour bears in mixed flavors. I like the low dose personally, just over 6mg per bear. Again, a great add on item esp if you need to meet min requirements for a promo or free shipping.

  6. frisianduck (verified owner)

    I needed to top up my order for a promo and these are actually a pretty decent, cheap ‘add-on’ item. Simply packaged, so kinda nice to eat one while going through a KB order. I grabbed the sour worms. They were tasty and not too strong. A bit rubbery, but I don’t mind. Both of them were tangerine (2 per package) and I will def try the house gummy bears next time I’m building a cart.

  7. Earl Burkes (verified owner)

    Not the best gummies I’ve tried but at this price, they are more than decent!

  8. Wjoyr (verified owner)

    Taste is a little less than satisfying, however one works very well for me. Happy with this product.

  9. Dontigny (verified owner)

    Love these always consistent with quality and flavor.

  10. 420buddy101 (verified owner)

    Purchased both the worms and the bears. The bears were the perfect dose for my wife! She loves them! The worms I really like, and are perfect for me. Good price too!

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