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Indica Sampler

(14 customer reviews)


Indica Sampler

Contains: 8 x 1 Gram

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Indica Sampler


Our in house Indica Sampler contains 8 different 1 gram strains! This is great if you want to try a new strain everyday. Each Indica Sampler is individually packaged.

Indica strains provide calm relaxing and a body high that aids in chronic pain, anxiety and restlessness. Indicas have been known for treating insomnia and helping medical patients with appetite stimulation and pain relief.

*Note: Strains are chosen off our menu and are subject to change.

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14 reviews for Indica Sampler

  1. Shinobi (verified owner)

    Very good quality and selection of strains, will surely get this again!

  2. Slytennis (verified owner)

    Great smoke, nicely packaged, sticky Bud, fluffs up good when chopped. Will for sure be ordering this again and again.

  3. jakboys (verified owner)

    Always great, never disappointing, recommended for all level enthusiasts, a truly enjoyable novelty.
    What works best for your ailments, is often found through the choice of variety.

  4. Zack4477 (verified owner)

    10-10 loved all the different kinds. All were Solid!

  5. Nickm (verified owner)

    10/10 would order again

  6. Fredumatin (verified owner)

    Always a good option when you can’t decided or don’t want to.

  7. Zack4477 (verified owner)

    Was happy with my sample pack, thanks!

  8. Jaylene (verified owner)

    I love this pack for trying all the different kinds THANKS

  9. Kyle Blair (verified owner)

    Love having this option available to me, having different strains on hand is very helpful. As then i can choose what type of high id like once ive gotten used to the various strains. Then make an informed decision based on my preferences the next time from what flavors stood out to me. Bring sativa pack back soon!

  10. 16thdave (verified owner)

    Good selection quality buds can not go wrong with this package

  11. Joedogger (verified owner)

    Great deal all was great bud nice to have different flavours!! Keep up the great work

  12. Martin (verified owner)

    Good sampler, good value and variety. I received the following (ranked best to worst imo):
    Blue Cake
    Pink Grease
    Death Bubba
    Bruce Banner
    Zombie Kush
    Blue Jagger
    Coma Kush
    Animal Grease

  13. thekwest (verified owner)

    Excellent sampler so far! Great quality and selection.

  14. Joe blow (verified owner)

    Really nice sampler. From hard hitting to mellow, everything you can ask for. There were some strains that weren’t available to buy individually. Nice surprise. Good smokes

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