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Disposable (Kind Labs)

(4 customer reviews)

THC 500mg / Honey Oil 500mg

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Kind Labs – Disposable Vape Pen

Kind Labs produces high quality Disposable Vape Pens that are compact, smooth and ideal for convenience. Showcasing a variety of THC pens that will suit your vaping needs, they’re perfect for the casual consumer who doesn’t vape that often. Great for the consumers who are on the go!


  • Inhale Activated
  • Draw for up to 5 seconds
  • Approximately 150 seconds of total draw time


Additional information


CBD – Blueberry, CBD – Natural, CBD – Limonene, CBD – Strawberry, CBD – Peach, THC – Blueberry, THC – Honey Oil, THC – Limonene, THC – Peach, THC – Strawberry

4 reviews for Disposable (Kind Labs)

  1. Beacon420 (verified owner)

    Blueberry is my fav so far. The limonene kind of tastes too much like weed for my liking. And the peach Which I have not tried yet came mislabeled as a THC… I reached out to support regarding this and they were super helpful and told me they would reach out to KL and have them do better with they’re packaging

  2. TK8 (verified owner)

    I am an avid smoker of both flavoured and non-flavoured vapes and this is by far the worst disposable vape I’ve ever purchased. I got the peach, and it not only doesn’t taste of peach, but also has a very strange flavour/vape. I don’t know how to describe it, but it just tastes wrong, off, stale, something, to the point where I think its bad for me , like im inhaling something I shouldn’t be. Definitely don’t buy the peach.

  3. otisregatoni (verified owner)

    Really liked it. Really effective for a light smoker. Loved the taste of strawberry and limoncello. CBD and Thc both great. Would really recommend to try. Great for the price

  4. otisregatoni (verified owner)

    Smooth and silky. Works well.
    Order process was very professional. Great and prompt service to any questions. – 5 star.

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