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Kootenay Botanicals – Flower SALE!

(35 customer reviews)

Available In: 14 Grams & 28 Grams

Indica | Hybrid | Sativa

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Kootenay Botanicals – Flower SALE!


By popular demand we have nominated strains for this category of sales. Savings is the keyword and we offer you a variety of strains for sale. Offerings of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids!

Available in: 14 Grams & 28 Grams

Combine our Flower Sale, shatter & medicated hard candies for only $10 more – view the KB Sampler here.

Additional information


Coma Kush – 14 Grams, Coma Kush – 28 Grams, Strawberry Haze – 14 Grams, Strawberry Haze – 28 Grams, Moby Dick – 14 Grams, Moby Dick – 28 Grams, Lemon Heads – 14 Grams, Lemon Heads – 28 Grams, L.S.D – 14 Grams, L.S.D – 28 Grams, Tuna Kush – 14 Grams, Tuna Kush – 28 Grams, Black Diamond – 14 Grams, Black Diamond – 28 Grams, White Castle – 14 Grams, White Castle – 28 Grams, 9LB Hammer – 14 Grams, 9LB Hammer – 28 Grams, MK Ultra (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, MK Ultra (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Rockstar (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, Rockstar (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Tuna Kush (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, 9LB Hammer (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, 9LB Hammer (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Yuck Mouth – 14 Grams, Yuck Mouth – 28 Grams, Tuna Kush (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Tuna Rockstar – 14 Grams, Tuna Rockstar – 28 Grams, Darth Vader OG (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, Darth Vader OG (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Danky Doodle (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, Danky Doodle (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Mataro Blue – 14 Grams, Mataro Blue – 28 Grams, BC Chemo – 14 Grams, BC Chemo – 28 Grams, Meat Breath – 14 Grams, Meat Breath – 28 Grams, Super Mario (Green House) – 28 Grams, Black Diamond – 28 Grams, Grand Master Kush (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, Grand Master Kush (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Bubba's Gift (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, Bubba's Gift (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Blue Fin Tuna – 14 Grams, Blue Fin Tuna – 28 Grams, Purple LSD – 14 Grams, Purple LSD – 28 Grams, Death Bubba – 14 Grams, Death Bubba – 28 Grams, Space Cookies – 14 Grams, Space Cookies – 28 Grams, Ice Cream Zundae (Small Nugs) – 14 Grams, Ice Cream Zundae (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Phantom OG – 14 Grams, Phantom OG – 28 Grams, MK Ultra – 14 Grams, MK Ultra – 28 Grams, Bubba Kush – 14 Grams, Bubba Kush – 28 Grams, Ice Cream Cake (Small Nugs) – 28g, High Octane – 14 Grams, High Octane – 28 Grams, Rockstar Kush – 28 Grams, MAC (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams, Banana and Blow (Small Nugs) – 28 Grams

Strain Type

AAA, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

35 reviews for Kootenay Botanicals – Flower SALE!

  1. AfterZ (verified owner)

    The Bubba Kush from KB hits just right. Heavy and relaxing, a perfect night time smoke. Great bang for your buck. Highly recommend this strain.

  2. MyNameJeff (verified owner)

    Rockstar kush came with nice large buds, smells and smokes well. Very calming and easy to smoke. Recommend it.

  3. MyNameJeff (verified owner)

    Tried BC Chemo and the Ice Cream Cake. Both were good values. Ice cream cake is the better value, but I have never had as consistent of a high with no side effects (paranoia, greening out etc). Highly recommend the BC Chemo, I’ll be ordering again if it becomes available.

  4. Dan (verified owner)

    Purple lsd – purps , at first glance your like this isn’t weed , then you look closely and see dark hued purple buds , with rich trichomes and with a dark green in the background . Smooth , great sativa high, easy to smoke this all day long. Euphoric feeling that leaves you relaxed as well, but not too relaxed , just calm and happy.

  5. Dan (verified owner)

    Blue fin tuna – incredible , some of the best indica I have ever smoked. So relaxed and super eutrophication almost the perfect strain I may say. Also the quality is remarkable , smooth smoking , tastes of blueberry with skunk under stones , clean . Couldn’t ask for better bud , probably some of the best I’ve smoked this year. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. gmmy (verified owner)

    Ordered an oz of Danky Doodle small nugs for my first order. Great smell, great high, some really small and hard nugs. Great budget oz overall and will order again!

  7. Dddd (verified owner)

    Grand Master Kush (smalls). Don’t let the size deter you. Classic kush nose and flavor. Nice happy and uplifting accompanied by calming chill. Good bud, great value.

  8. AfterZ (verified owner)

    Danky Doodle was absolutely fantastic. 100% recommend this.

  9. Marie-Lou Y (verified owner)

    Super impression by the Super Mario! Ordered it twice to make sure I’d have enough! Will buy again for sure!

  10. John (verified owner)

    Ordered Meatbreath this time. I love the unique funky sweet flavour.

  11. GrizzlyDan420 (verified owner)

    LOVE this kind!! Great strain 😎✌

  12. kootuser301 (verified owner)

    MK Ultra and Dankey Doodle – Both great in quality and potency very pleased with strains!

  13. Lisallicq (verified owner)

    Having trouble sleeping. Than this is your strain! I’m not the best sleeper but man had some BC Chemo and I was baked! It takes a lot to do that to me these days. Totally took my aches & pains away & gives that heavy slit eye. Name should be changed to BC Comatose. So great for pain, sleep & anxiety

  14. Dddd (verified owner)

    Value value value
    I’ve ordered the small nugs a couple of times and not been disappointed.
    Danky Doodle looks good, complex nose, pleasant taste, smooth smoke, very decent effects.

  15. Redd1489 (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck! I’ve tried a few different strains and they’ve all been great.
    Only suggestion would be more options (sativa hybrid).

  16. Jos463527 (verified owner)

    great price. 9lb hammer was pretty good.

  17. beefy (verified owner)

    Got the 9lb hammer small nugs loved it
    Taste and hit was good ty

  18. dm (verified owner)

    Good value, but could hit a little harder. Great taste. More variety (more often?) for these budget options would always be great/appreciated.

  19. Forest tree (verified owner)

    I always get this deal, best bang for your buck, the 9lb hammer, mk ultra, Mont Blanc, were all a good smoke, thanks!

  20. MyNameJeff (verified owner)

    Ordered the 9LB hammer. At the time there was an option for small nugs only or regular. I took the regular option (full price) but still received popcorn sized nugs. Aside from that, the strain itself is good. Relaxing and smooth smoke without couch lock.

  21. Kyle Blair (verified owner)

    A great deal when the selection isn’t all 9lb Hammer, give me more options like a sativa and hybrids more often and it would be amazing. Always great quality smoke from this offer so no complaints , just would prefer more options.

  22. Smits (verified owner)

    I like the 9 lb hammer. Second order, I am enjoying your products. Price is worth it. I really liked the nirvana too. I have ordered prerolls too and they are excellent.

  23. Oh Pardon (verified owner)

    Third time getting this deal. Ordered the Lemon Sour Diesel this time and was not disappointed. Super citrusy smell and awesome fruity taste. Not super potent but the taste makes up for that. Still a awesome bang for your buck.

  24. Csmi (verified owner)

    Grabbed 14 of the Tuna Kush, definitely earns its name. Very dank, provides an overall good, relaxing high for both the body and mind. Hit and miss with the taste for me personally. Would definitely order again and absolutely can’t beat the deals. Keep it up!

  25. BaKeR_33 (verified owner)

    After ordering this for the 3 times (strawberry haze, moby dick, L.S.D.) and was impressed all three times. L.S.D was not quite as good as the other two, how ever still way better than the price would lead you to believe. Moby dick definitely my favourite of the 3.

  26. Oh Pardon (verified owner)

    I grabbed a oz of Moby Dick. Very nice high with this one. Strong behind the eyes and super creative after effects. For this price you cant beat these strains. I tried the strawberry haze last time and it was on point as well. Keep up the awesome deals 🙂

  27. BaKeR_33 (verified owner)

    Tried the moby dick this time (strawberry haze last). Moby Dick has become one of my favorite strains and this batch has made that even more so. Best buzz i’ve had in years and not just because of the strength, just the overall feeling of this buzz is amazing. Then add bag appeal and really enjoyable smoke, it just over the top. Ordering more

  28. Shabba (verified owner)

    I bought the Coma Kush. I’ve had it before so I thought why not. This batch is definitely not as good as the first one. I didn’t find it too strong. 3 out of 5 stars for me.

  29. OLI420 (verified owner)

    Loved the Moby Dick will definitely be buying again great bang for your buck!

  30. BaKeR_33 (verified owner)

    I had the strawberry haze and was very impressed with the quality. I was expecting cheap product but it was at least aaa grade. Very nice smell and taste and great sativa buzz.

  31. Medi514 (verified owner)

    I got the coma Kush, didn’t really like the taste or smell. This one was a miss for me.

  32. Fredumatin (verified owner)

    Bought the coma kush, I liked that gassy kushy stuff. Very tasty, potent enough, 8/10.

  33. Stang62 (verified owner)

    At the price you’re getting it; the Coma Kush was some of the best quality outdoor I have ever smoked. Nugs are slightly stemmy, but produce an overall pleasant experience in smoke, taste and effect.

  34. Hi MyNameIs (verified owner)

    Impressed with the strawberry haze nice smell and taste

  35. Oh Pardon (verified owner)

    The Strawberry Haze I received was outstanding! Massive sticky buds that produce a super sweet taste! Hits behind the eyes nicely. One of my new favs!

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