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Magic Stick (Endo)


Contains: 7 Grams of Cannabis With 1 Gram Of High Quality Shatter.

Earn 100 Points worth $5.00!
Earn 100 Points worth $5.00!
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Magic Stick

The Magic Stick is a product that the true cannabis connoisseur can enjoy. Great for any special occasion.

7 Grams Of Premium BC Craft Cannabis Flower Wrapped With 1 Gram Of High Quality Shatter. Finished Off With A Wooden Tip For An Exceptionally Smooth Pull.

*Up to 1.5 Hour Burn Time*

Lighting Instructions: You may use a regular lighter but it may take a awhile to light. It is recommended to use a torch lighter and “cherry” the tip of the Magic Stick, making sure not to touch the flame to it. Once the tip has lit sufficiently, remove flame and take small puffs to ensure it will stay lit. Repeat process if necessary.

Once lit, take gentle puffs to enjoy the taste of the Magic Stick or take as big of pull as you can. Good luck!

*The string around the packaging is organic beeswax hemp wick and can be used in place of a light for a natural chemical-free flame*

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