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Midnight Toker (Endo)

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Contains: 1.75 Grams of Cannabis | 0.25 Grams Shatter

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Midnight Toker

This impressive hand crafted cigar is packed with premium B.C. bud and high quality shatter.

Each cigar contains 1.75g of cannabis, 0.25g of shatter and burns for up to 25 minutes.

The glass tip allows for an exceptionally smooth pull so make sure to go slow and enjoy!

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Scout Master, Death Bubba, Violator Kush, L.S.D., Wedding Cake, Rock Bubba, Kush Berry, Lollypop, Monster Cookies

1 review for Midnight Toker (Endo)

  1. High_not_tired (verified owner)

    Great. Had the Wedding Cake to myself for my 40th. Definitely one of the most enjoyable smokes I’ve ever had. The whole thing was made well, smoked smooth, and long lasting.

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