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Oso Fuego – LSO Animal Mints

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AAAA Organic Craft Cannabis

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Contains: 3.5 Grams or 14 Grams

21% THC

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Earn 112 Points worth $5.60!
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Oso Fuego – Animal Mints

Animal Mints is a balanced indica hybrid blended from three fantastic strains: Animal Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blue Power. It has mouth-watering aromas of sweet vanilla, earth, and fuel with a touch of herbaceousness. Animal Mints has a distinctive cookie-forward flavour complimented by hints of sweetness and balanced by undertones of cream, conifer, spice, and some skunk. Its buds are large and dense, have a forest-green colour with fiery orange pistils, and are caked in beautiful shiny crystals. Animal mints release an initial happy, spacey, and uplifting cerebral high that evolves into a soothing and relaxed body-stone that lasts for hours.

Aromatics: Pine, Sour, Sweet, Vanilla

Effects: Body High, Cerebral, Sleepy, Uplifting

Medical: Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Stress

Straight fire from British Columbia, Oso Fuego have been honing their craft for over a decade. From humble beginnings to high-level artistry, the goal has always been singular – quality, organically grown cannabis at a fair price. Stay lit, friends.

Consistent high quality and clean smoke for those who want the best of the best. We are 2nd generation cultivators, retailers and consumers. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, when we say we know quality, we mean we know. From package design to growing facilities and quality assurance, we ensure that every delivery is done to give you one of the best and most enjoyable experiences possible every time.

Oso Fuego top-shelf cannabis begins with the technical mastery of our robust genetics and meticulous quality control. This results in the guarantee of one the cleanest smokes on the market.

Our gold bear label represents our commitment to our quality, assuring you that each of our products meets our four-A smoke standard.

Situated on the west coast of Canada, Oso Fuego is proud to be a cannabis producer and manufacturer in beautiful British Columbia. The natural and lush environment is an amazing place to cultivate a great life and inspires us to bring that same joie-de-vivre to our products.

Additional information

Strain Type

AAAA, Indica, Organic


3.5g, 14g

1 review for Oso Fuego – LSO Animal Mints

  1. Joey Carrier (verified owner)

    I really appreciated most of the strains bought from them… expect something strong and potent each time. I used to be a Huge Skookum fan but they so expensive and you can get used to a certain type of growers like LSO because you can get used to how the plants are always from the same type of growing environment so guys my verdict is OsO Fuego are better than Skookum specially cause they are AAAA all the times and cheaper.. Skookum needs to lower there prices and maybe needs to get better strains or new ones cause the Cold Snap Strawberry Jerry and even my favorite Animal Face wasn’t impressing me no more… you get used to they weed fast so a 3.5 can you can get from oso fuego is a better way to get high and don’t get used to the strains too fast. Signed MC Junky

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