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Kif – Pink Kush

(5 customer reviews)


Fine Sift Kif

Indica Dominant

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Pink Kush – Kif

Pink Kush is an Indica Dominant Hybrid with genetic links to OG Kush. This fine sifted Kif has aromas of sweet berries and soft hints of vanilla. Pink Kush cult followers will know upon opening that this has strong Kush tones that we all love. Resinous trichromes have made the blonde Kif sticking together, true to the Pink Kush genetics of sticky buds making your finger tips stick! Effects of Pink Kush have been known to offer full body relaxation, relief from chronic pain, sleep and on set of appetite stimulation.




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5 reviews for Kif – Pink Kush

  1. Joey Carrier (verified owner)

    didnt like this… better buy a gram of hash

  2. digiguy (verified owner)

    Beautiful product. Usually Kif is bland, at least for me, but this is amazing, flavorful and potent.
    Piped, sprinkled, many ways to enjoy this!

  3. bunbuntilde (verified owner)

    First time buying kief, very pleased, hits hard if you layer it on thicc, or just adds some spice to top an AA bowl off

  4. MyNameJeff (verified owner)

    Very fine, high quality. Just a tiny sprinkle in your joint and its a whole new level. Definitely a game changer, will buy again.

  5. stiggie (verified owner)

    Really decent sift. No noticeable coarse plant matter (I’ve seen this in other sifts and kif lately), and adds the mic-dropper on a bowl of decent ‘erb. Will be buying again.

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