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Pre-Rolls (Skookum) – Mixer Pack

(2 customer reviews)


10 x 0.75g Pre Rolls | 5 Strains

7.5 Grams Total per Jar

Day Dream | Strawberry Kush | Thunderfuck | Hidden Pastry | Punch Breath

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Skookum Mixer – Pre Rolls

10 x 0.75g Pre Rolled Cones | 5 Strains

7.5 Grams Total

Day Dream | Strawberry Kush | Thunderfuck | Hidden Pastry | Punch Breath

Nothing worth doing is easy. We wanted to make a Pre-Roll for our Skookum fans that raises the bar on all levels of quality. Introducing our organic living soil, Pre-Rolled slow cured cannabis joints. Truth IS in the burn and we are proud to offer 10 x Pre-Rolls with 5 SKOOKUM strains in each jar and a color-coded map that keeps you on track. We ground down our famous strains to a zero stock all flower powder, superfine and tightly packed in organic unbleached hemp Pre-Roll’s packed in glass. We wanted to keep the plastic down to a minimum. Re-use the jar for your grab and go stash.

Big love to our SKOOKUM fam, thank you so much for all your encouragement. We hope you enjoy some of the finest Pre-Rolls on the market. Enjoy responsibly.

Skookum Cannabis is organically grown by a collective of highly experienced farmers. Beautiful British Columbia’s organically grown craft cannabis in living soil. Once buds have been dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. Perfectly cured in large capacity sanitized glass jars, resulting in deep rich aromas and finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. The Truth is in the Burn.

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Strain Type

AAAA, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Organic

2 reviews for Pre-Rolls (Skookum) – Mixer Pack

  1. Treehugger (verified owner)

    These were nicely done, they came in a glass jar with a boveda. I wish they were grammers and 4 of them werent labeled other than that they were pretty special.

  2. High_not_tired (verified owner)

    I very rarely leave reviews for pre-rolls, as they’re usually a basket filler. But these need a mention. I have only tried 2 of the 5 (strains) so far.
    The Punch Breath was an awesome evening finisher for me. After winding down after a super long day, this did the trick and allowed me to relax and sit and watch tv, and then head to bed without feeling too heavy.
    The Day Dream on the other hand is a nice soft day time strain enjoyed with lunch, and allowing to be fully relaxed, yet pro active (im currently writing this after smoking some). The high lasts a good amount of time, and is a bit of a creeper at first.
    BUT, this is why I came to review. I have NEVER smoked a joint so smooth. When I smoked the first one last night, it was outside in the dark. The draw was so smooth, with zero burn or irritation on the chest, or any need to cough, that I genuinely thought it was faulty and I was getting nothing. I put my phone light on to check, and there was SMOOOKKKEEE. I was taking huge lungs of smoke so smooth, i couldn’t feel it! What magic is this? After catching covid earlier in the year, I was left with pains in my chest if smoked like I did before (I now mainly tend to vape or edibles). So these were an awesome find!
    The second pre roll I had this afternoon in daylight, and just as before. Although I do think this is great, it does leave me a little conflicted, as sometimes I want that hit and burn in my throat which these (so far) don’t have. But I will take the lack of throat hit over chest pain for sure.
    Thats only 2 out of the 10 so far, so it could be just a weird coincidence, I look forward to finding out.

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