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Rosin Freezies (Royalty Rosin)


300mg THC Total
6 Freezies x 50mg THC Each

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Rosin Freezies

300mg THC Total

6 Freezies x 50mg THC Each

6 random unfrozen flavors per pack. Delivered fully unfrozen, just freeze until ready and enjoy!

Can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months or frozen for up to 2 years while retaining potency.

Fit for Royalty

Our brand is Royalty, we grow AAAA organic flower and press it into premium live rosin and ice hash. We work exclusively with a small collective of BC’s finest craft growers and solvent-free extraction artisans, to offer only the highest quality cannabis products. From seed to sale, our passion for excellence shines through in everything we do. Created for connoisseurs who refuse to settle for anything less than the finest flower, edibles and concentrates, grown with love and fit for royalty.

Made for the health-conscious consumer, rosin is a great alternative to concentrates like shatter, budder and live resin, which are extracted using butane or other solvents. Using nothing but premium flower, heat, and up to 8 tonnes of pressure, this rosin is a solvent-free full-spectrum extract which faithfully captures the unique flavours and psychoactive properties of each plant, and provides a smooth, yet full-bodied smoke.


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