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The MOTA Gummy Mixer (6x)

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$76.95From: $87.00

Pick any 6 of your favourite MOTA gummy products!

Due to the increase in temperature and seasonal changes, please order at your own discretion.

We do NOT replace melted products.


The MOTA Gummy Mixer

If you love great gummy edibles, then this MOTA Gummy Mixer is for you. Choose any 6 MOTA edible gummy products (THC or CBD) in a range of delicious flavours! Each Jelly packs a punch with it’s own unique flavour! MOTA gummy products are available in both Sativa and Indica versions, so regardless of the time of day, there’s a perfect jelly for you.

Here are your options;

MOTA – Jellies

MOTA – Gummies

MOTA – THC Sour Squares

MOTA – 1:1 Jelly

MOTA – Sugar-Free Jelly

MOTA – Wildberry Jellies

MOTA – Vegan Gummy Bears

MOTA – Vegan, Gluten-Free Wheels

MOTA – CBD Blue Raspberry Bottles

MOTA – CBD Sour Squares

MOTA – CBD Fruit Jellies


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