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The MOTA Gummy Mixer (6x)

Buy 6 & Save


Pick any 6 of your favourite MOTA gummy products!


The MOTA Gummy Mixer

If you love great gummy edibles, then this MOTA Gummy Mixer is for you. Choose any 6 MOTA edible gummy products (THC or CBD) in a range of delicious flavours! Each Jelly packs a punch with it’s own unique flavour! MOTA gummy products are available in both Sativa and Indica versions, so regardless of the time of day, there’s a perfect jelly for you.

Here are your options;

MOTA – Jellies

MOTA – Gummies

MOTA – THC Sour Squares

MOTA – 1:1 Jelly

MOTA – Wildberry Jellies

MOTA – Vegan Gummy Bear

MOTA – CBD Blue Raspberry Bottles

MOTA – CBD Sour Squares

MOTA – CBD Fruit Jellies


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