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Flowerpwr is probably the biggest online Canadian dispensary for pre-rolls. They specialize in these pre-rolled joints, which you can buy solo or in bulk if you want. They have various pre-rolls available and you can pick the one you want based on your need and strength which you find okay for you. Their pre-rolls are classified into different varieties based on their potency and rarity. In the broad product inventory, they offer Sativa, Indica, and hybrid joints. The top shelf flowers which are often labeled as AAAA or AAAA+ are found in Gold and 24K gold joints, which is the real deal if you want something that will hit you strong. They have the highest THC concentration and are available in limited supply so that not everyone can have them. If you want something weaker, they have black and green label, which are AAA standard joints that are not as strong as the ones mentioned above. All of their joints are made with the BC bud of the highest purity and come packed with a Boveda Pack, which is tightly sealed. This enables total freshness to their product and gives them the ability to stay unused for 3 months before you wish to use them. A brand that is definitely worth checking out.