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Cannabis Edibles

Buy Cannabis Edibles Online in Canada

Ever since cannabis edibles were legalized in Canada, it’s fast becoming one of the most diverse and popular cannabis products on the market. As the name implies, cannabis edibles are a form of cannabis that you can eat, and we’re at the point now where anything you eat can be infused with cannabis.

We’re talking everything from gummies and candies, to chocolate, cookies, capsules, tinctures, and drinks.

You can even make your own cannabis-infused butter and use that in your cooking to make homemade edibles. Kootenay Botanicals is your best source for edibles!

Many tinctures come in a small glass bottle with a dropper for easy dosing that are perfect for adding a few drops to whatever you’re eating or drinking.

Cannabis edibles are an excellent choice if you want to feel the effects of cannabis without smoking flowers or vaporizing concentrates. Consuming edibles is easy and discreet, and they often take about 30 minutes to over an hour to kick in.

Most Popular THC & CBD Edibles:

Medicated Hard Candies

MOTA Jellies

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs

MOTA Chocolate Bars

Benefits of BC Weed Edibles:

Edibles allow you to consume cannabis discreetly. Instead of smoking a joint, enjoying an edible is as lowkey as eating candy. And since you eat it, there are none of the health risks to your lungs that come with smoking weed. There’s also no smell.

While it may take longer to feel the effects of edibles, the effects last for about three hours. Edibles offer a long-lasting relief for issues such as insomnia and chronic pain. The effects can also be intense, saving you the need to take another dose.

How to Use Cannabis Edibles:

If you’re trying edibles the first time, it’s ideal to start with a dose of THC that’s around 2.5 to 5 milligrams, and no more than 10 milligrams.

When choosing an edible, check the potency of it. You can easily determine how much to take once you know its strength.

It’s advisable to eat a snack before you try an edible for the first time because whether you have food in your stomach affects the absorption rate and intensity of the edible.

Dosing is the most important thing about edibles

If you’re new to edibles, it’s always better to take too little than too much or ‘start low and go slow’, as the saying goes.

Most manufacturers produce cannabis-infused edibles containing measured dosing. And they test their products to ensure dosing consistency.

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