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Refill Cartridge (BC Trees) – CO2

(7 customer reviews)


BC Trees Organic Cartridge

Contains: 0.5 g Cartridge

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BC Trees – Organic CO2 Vape Cartridge Refill


BC Trees Organic 0.5 g Vape Cartridge

BC Trees vape oil contains 100% organic cannabis oil in raw uncut form. We do not use any third party terpenes, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, vitamin E, or other additives. Our farmers practice true organic growing methods to ensure you can enjoy the best of what B.C. has to offer with no compromise. Plants are harvested and cold cured, a process that involves hanging the plants in a cold environment to dry for up to three weeks. This method of drying ensures maximum terpene preservation giving the highest quality and flavor possible.

All BC tress vape products are extracted through a solvent-free CO2 process. This involves a proprietary 2 stage extraction to create the fullest terpene and flavor profile, leaving you with nothing but pure organic oil for cannabis vaping.



Internally heated ceramic element

Wickless and Coil-less design – your oil is heated directly from the ceramic element

Compatible with most 510 thread batteries


Need a new battery? BC Trees Vape Battery & Charger available here.


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1:1, AC/DC 4:1, Death Bubba, Pink Kush, Dance Hall, Indica Blend, Magic Jack, Sour Diesel, Zurple, Cherry Kush 1:1, Lava Lamp, Face Plant, Golden Goat, Black Mamba, Cake Crasher, Sweet Congo, Grapefruit, Punch Breath, Purple Kush, Red Congolese, Lalalemon CBD, Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze, Fruit Punch, Granddaddy Purple, Mendo Breath, Platinum OG, Strawberry Jerry, Jerry Dream

7 reviews for Refill Cartridge (BC Trees) – CO2

  1. David (verified owner)

    Have ordered BC Trees several times and have never been disappointed. Grapefruit is my personal favourite but I also recommend the Blue Dream. Best vape I have found since Tokyo used to be around

  2. Gordo75 (verified owner)

    Really enjoying this vape. Like most vape refills takes sometime to find the right settings..

  3. Daniel62288 (verified owner)

    Outstanding! really is a treat to be able to experience this.

  4. Dosidicus (verified owner)

    Am on my second cartridge of BCTrees. I am impressed that there is a real difference between the two strains I’ve tried. I really was expecting the extracts to be pretty similar to each other. Definitely flavourful, and much less harsh than some medical stuff I tried.

  5. Redd1489 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few flavors now and everyone has been great! The effects are desirable and ome on quick. Treat yourelf !

  6. Stephanie Hrynchuk (verified owner)

    These vapes are amazing! Very smooth and won’t buy anything else!

  7. Peters (verified owner)

    Really am enjoying this. Vapes well and is just full of flavour. I got Dancehall. This will be my next go to cart. This was in my first order with you guys and I’m impressed at the service and products.

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