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Refill Cartridge (High Voltage)

(19 customer reviews)


1 Gram Cartridge

Earn 50 Points worth $2.50!
Earn 50 Points worth $2.50!
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High Voltage Extracts – Vape Sauce Cartridges with Distillate (1G)


High Voltage Extracts in BC are some of the highest-end premium cannabis extraction available on the market.

HTFSE 95% THC is the preservation of all available terpenes maintained from harvest to vaporization, High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower.

Typically, Full Spectrum Terp Sauce will contain about 50% Cannabinoids, 20-30% Terpenes, and 20-30% other trichrome cannabis biomolecules.

Compatible with most 510 thread batteries.


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Black Cherry, Black Lime, Blue Gelato, Blue Guava, Blue Rhino, Death Bubba, Death Star, Durban Poison, Fruity Pebbles, Nuken, Pink Kush, Pink Rockstar, Platinum GSC, Red Diesel, Romulan, Scoutmaster, Sour Amnesia, Strawberry Cough, Super Lemon Haze, Super Silver Chemdog Haze, Super Skunk, Tom Ford Pink Kush, Violator Kush, Watermelon Breath, Wedding Cake, White Guava, Wifi OG, Shishkaberry, MK Ultra, Big D Energy, Grape Skunk, Hash Plant, Chemo, 10th Planet, Island Pink, McFlurry, Orange Crush, Mimosa, Gorilla Bomb, Hindu Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Sunset Sherbet, Purple Candy, God's Green Crack, Ortega, Ice Wreck, Papaya Cake, LSD, Purple Dream, Rockstar Tuna, Gelato, Blackberry Platinum, Four Star General, Ice Cream, Krazy Glue, Sunkissed, Gorilla Glue #4, Blueberry OG, Cookies N Cream, Lemon Pound Cake, Green Crack, Purple Punch, Purple Death Bubba, Purple Kush, Tuna Kush, Orange Valley OG, Papaya, Trainwreck, Blackberry Tuna, Jelly Breath, Tropical Punch, Chemdawg, Early Lemon Berry, Great White Shark, Triangle Kush, Megalodon, Shiva Skunk, Afghan Skunk, Cheese Quake, Papaya Punch, Blackberry Kush, Grease Monkey, Mandarin Cookies, Mango Merengue, Blue Mataro, Blue City Diesel, Lilac Cookies, Pink Lady, Cotton Candy Cookies, Raspberry Kush, Island Blend, Pink God, GMO Zkittles, Mango Kush, OG Haze, Grapefruit, Hawaiian Punch, Pink Anxiety, Raspberry Cough, Lemon Meringue, Agent Lemon, Sour Chem, Sundae's Best, Rockstar Platinum, Ethos Cookies R2, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Blackberry Cream, Day Wrecker, Grape Diamonds, Critical Mass, Garlic, Magic Melon, Purple God, White Rhino, Runtz, Space Queen, Mandarin Zkittles, Orange Creamsicle, Purple Trainwreck, Rainbow Runtz

19 reviews for Refill Cartridge (High Voltage)

  1. Usernam3420 (verified owner)

    Best cartridges you can buy in my opinion. Not only is the flavor and high there, but the cartridge itself is of high quality so you can feel a little better about not inhaling toxic gas.

  2. colemnagy (verified owner)

    top strain and HVE is pretty much always 5/5

  3. sendinginthewolf (verified owner)

    A great product all-around! The oil is top shelf and the cartridges themselves, are great! (They never clog on me.)

  4. Robbie F (verified owner)

    I reviewed these a few years back they are still just as good and the strain selection is always very good. Very few strains I haven’t liked from high voltage, love the natural terps and distillate together makes for some of my favourite cartridges taste and high wise. Fantastic stuff, my only small complaint is there still being no rubber cap or some sort of seal to close off the cartridge when it’s outside of it’s case to preserve the terpenes.

  5. cindymatthews10 (verified owner)

    Truly my favourite cartridges

  6. Dontiglio (verified owner)


  7. V6 (verified owner)

    Great design. Good price. Excellent product. Thus far my favourite of the vape brands.

  8. rockweiler (verified owner)

    I like the packaging and mouth piece. It hits smooth and has a nice light buzz with a few pulls. Great value for a full gram cartridge. Will try other strains next time.

  9. Daniel62288 (verified owner)

    Potent and tasty.

  10. Zytarukk (verified owner)

    I love these things. I try to have a small stock pile cause these puppies sell out fat. Can’t wait for my new order

  11. IntenceIceI5 (verified owner)

    Does the job and tastes great. Process per gram isn’t bad either 🙂

  12. Robiskol (verified owner)

    These are the best vape cartridges I have ever tried, second to none and all of the strains have been great, I want to try the rest. Tastes excellent, love it. Can’t get enough of the Sauce!

  13. Ontario420 (verified owner)

    Five stars for the super skunk fire excellent stuff thank you Kootenaybotanicals

  14. Buzzout (verified owner)

    I’ll give five stars for the blue rhino
    Gives you a nice buzz you can’t go wrong with that stuff especially at that price

  15. Buzzout (verified owner)

    Five stars

  16. Lipzip (verified owner)

    Wow the Romulo is awesome get‘a you nice and stone only need a few hoots and you’re off I’ll give Romola five stars definitely worth every penny thank you Kootenaybotanicals

  17. Poncho13 (verified owner)

    Just ordered these I can’t wait to get them in they look awesome especially for the price we can’t go wrong you get a full gram for 50 bucks that’s perfect thank you very much I’m going to give you guys five stars

  18. Happy Camper Stace (verified owner)

    Great carts every time! Love the open tip as it delivers easy & smooth & these beauties use every drop. No wasting product. Great price. And every strain has been pretty terrific so far. My fav go to cart💞

  19. OLI420 (verified owner)

    High Voltage really pack a punch with this cart its extremely terpene heavy experience and the best priced HTFSE I have tried to date. After trying each of the strains I can say these are top notch!

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