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Lollipops (Medicated)

(11 customer reviews)


125mg THC

Earn 5 Points worth $0.25!

Earn 5 Points worth $0.25!
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Medicated – Lollipops

125mg THC

Small batch Medicated Lollipops handcrafted using only Full Spectrum Shatter and quality ingredients to ensure accurate dosage and an unparalleled experience. Medicated Lollipops was created by a passionate team of chefs on a mission; to share the power of healing with their medicated goodies at an affordable price!

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, THC/CBD, Natural and Artificial Flavour, Colour

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Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Orange, Rootbeer, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon, Blueberry

11 reviews for Lollipops (Medicated)

  1. turtlecal (verified owner)

    these make me feel very mellow and taste great (you can taste the weed though). perfect price point and vegan, can’t ask for more

  2. miryanak (verified owner)

    I love these for when I need that little extra just to get sleep. I can just do a half and then have an amazing sleep. But warning! It’s hard to put it down at the half way point, it tastes that good!

  3. HeyKayEh (verified owner)

    Love these. I ordered the strawberry kiwi and root beer. Faster acting than expected but so tasty I wouldn’t put it down

  4. Earl Burkes (verified owner)

    Got the grape flavored pop. You can taste the weed through it wich I like. Good price good buzz. A rebuy candidate!

  5. HeyKayEh (verified owner)

    Yummy root beer ✌️

  6. xJovanx (verified owner)

    Really good when I’m need of something fast-acting. The taste may be over powering, but you know it’s working.

  7. auroranuit (verified owner)

    I received as a free gift from Kootenay Botanicals a green apple sucker and it tasted like a perfect balance between green apple and weed. It created a long-lasting and nice buzz. Thanks, Kootenay!!!

  8. JennJ (verified owner)

    I was afraid the dose would be too high for me in one sitting so I had 1/2 but easily could have had the entire thing. Good taste, do taste some weed but the green apple was nice. I’d order again and try the entire thing in one dose this time. Relaxing.

  9. Symbiosis (verified owner)

    Really good!

  10. Joedogger (verified owner)

    Good taste eases the pain

  11. MyNameJeff (verified owner)

    Fast acting and effective. Used about half at once and got a good buzz. I bought watermelon and I can say that the favor isn’t very strong or lasting. Definately tastes like weed.

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