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Pre-Rolls (Kootenay Botanicals)

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Contains: 1g Pre-Roll Cone with 1g Boveda

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Earn 8-11 Points worth $0.40-$0.55!
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Kootenay Botanicals – Pre-Rolls


Kootenay Botanicals proudly presents Pre-Rolled Cones. Each Strain is carefully hand-selected, meticulously inspected, and made in house with the highest quality buds to ensure the best flavour and effects. Enjoy a 1g Pre Roll sealed with a 1g Boveda humidity pack to preserve its freshness!








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UK Cheese, Jet Fuel, Blue Coma, Blue Dream, Thin Mint Cookies, 9LB Hammer, MK Ultra, Alpine Star, Mendocino Purple, BC Chemo, Indica Blend, Hybrid Blend, Sativa Blend, Death Bubba, Greasy Pink Jet Fuel, Mataro Blue, GG #3, Chemdawg, Moby, Gelato, Watermelon Skittlez, Alien OG, GSC, Russian Mimosa, Slurricane, Purple LSD, Secret Sauce, Mike Tyson, Red Congolese, Mocha Mint, Monkey Mint, Rockstar, Grand Master Kush, Blue Fin Tuna, The Gas, Daydream, High Octane, Pink Kush, Strawberry Jerry, Silver Haze, Purple Moby Dick, Congolese, Punch Breath, BC Rockstar, Darth Vader OG, Race Fuel OG, Kush Mint Cake, King Congo, Danky Doodle, Citrique, Purple Lemon Haze, Sweet Island Skunk, Bubba's Gift, Black Bubba

Strain Type

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

3 reviews for Pre-Rolls (Kootenay Botanicals)

  1. alittlebaker (verified owner)

    Love the pre-rolled tried multiple strains all good, so easy to just pop open and go!

  2. Stayhip (verified owner)


  3. JennJ (verified owner)

    Happy with the pre-rolls. I suffer from stage 4 endometriosis and on some days I can’t be bothered to roll, so when I am able to find pre-rolls in small quantity to try different strains it’s a good day. Well rolled, slow burn, fresh because I didn’t have massive coughing fits as someone who doesn’t love the smoking aspect of the medications. 4 stars because I’ve only tried one of many that I purchased this time. 🙂

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