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Rosin (Royalty Rosin)

(11 customer reviews)


Contains: 1 Gram

AAAA Premium Rosin

Earn 40 Points worth $2.00!
Earn 40 Points worth $2.00!
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Royalty Rosin

Royalty Rosin is a solventless extract, meaning that no solvents were used in the extraction process. It is commonplace for this type of rosin to be made from bubble hash that was created with freshly frozen/live bud. This process allows for the terpene profile of the source flower to make it through the extraction process for a fuller flavour. In comparison to a solvent-based extraction, this process requires no purging time at all as there is nothing to purge from the newly created extract.

Contains: 1 Gram

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Blackberry Platinum, Bruce Banner, Cookie Dough, Crack Widow, Death Bubba, Durban Poison, Fruity Pebbles OG, Goji Berry, Island Pink, Jack Skunk, King Kush, Lemon God, Mendo Breath, MK Ultra, Peanut Butter Breath, Pink Candy, Wedding Cake, Donkey Butter, Zurple, Platinum Kush, Pine Tar, Love Potion, Lemon Tree, Greasy Pink, Forum Cut Cookies, Grease Monkey, Kush Mints, Durban Cookies, Dairy Queen, Sunset Sherbert, Rockstar Tuna, Tuna Kush, Sherbert Cookies, Sherb n' Poison, Mandarin Sunset, Greasy Pink, LA Kush Cake, El Jefe, Gelato 41, London Pound Cake, Animal Face, Sin Mint Cookies, Ice Cream Cake

11 reviews for Rosin (Royalty Rosin)

  1. Lance Buck (verified owner)

    Some of the best rosin I’ve had and you can’t beat the price. I hope they keep bringing this in. I’ve tried 4 different kinds now and it was all the same quality. No plant matter like one review said. Burns clean in my electronic dab vape at low temp.

  2. frisianduck (verified owner)

    Happy with the Jack Skunk, whips up very nice. A nice low temp dab or added to a joint.

  3. Anjellie (verified owner)

    Smooth happy dabbing!

  4. Anjellie (verified owner)

    Great quality, really love Durban poison, this product did not disappoint. Smooth happy dabbing!

  5. frisianduck (verified owner)

    Got a gram of the Mendo Breath to try RR for the first time. Whips up very nice and creamy. Dabbed it and also added some to my joints of the Skookum Mendo Breath. Will try again! Very tasty.

  6. Sourdiesel133 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed my 2 strains. Jack Skunk and Goji Berry. Neither were dried up, both very soft and creamy.

  7. jakboys (verified owner)

    Royalty Rosin’s process, Incredibly preserves the original plant’s characteristics, (terpenes, flavor, effect, etc.), resulting in a simply enjoyable,(smoothness and taste vs. harsh coughing), and a surprisingly potent product.
    p.s. This is not for 2-star, process ignorant, nail users…

  8. idlelabor (verified owner)

    Price is perfect but this rosin isnt clean..lots of plant matter in it / has a harsh finish. Melts and pools brown in banger…pretty disappointed.

  9. slapshot (verified owner)

    Much love for this rosin here. Alaskan Thunderfuck was so. damn. delicious. No complaints, only love. Premium love.

  10. Jayk47 (verified owner)

    I got these on sale and you can’t really beat 3 grams for 100 bucks shipped, high is good it burns a bit dark on the nail, decent flavor. 4 stars

  11. Usernam3420 (verified owner)

    These folks seem to do it right. Great smell and taste, and the effect is certainly pleasant. The price point is nice for quality rosin as well. I could definitely see myself ordering more of this stuff in the future. More selection for strains would be nice though (but that’s not a complaint, just a suggestion).

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