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Hash (Hashish)

Buy Hash (Hashish) Online

Hash, short for hashish, is the original cannabis concentrate created by pressing the crystal resins (aka trichomes) of the cannabis plant into blocks or cakes.

Hash is generally more potent than regular cannabis flower and the consistency can vary depending on the preparation process.

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Most Popular Hash: 

Hash Sampler (5x 1g Hash Variety)

Moraccan Hash

BC Afghani Hash

Benefits of Hash:

Hash is generally more potent than cannabis flower, but it depends on the strain it was derived from and the method used to make it. The potency of hash ranges anywhere from 5 % THC to upwards of 60%.

The effects of hash tend to last longer and the high is usually stronger than smoking flower, bringing about a sense of euphoria and relaxation that can help with pain and nausea.

Hash is also very versatile. You can smoke it in pipes, inhale it as vapor, or mix it with marijuana. Some people use it in cooking, blending it with ingredients like butter, cream, and oils.

How to Use Hash:

Hash can be consumed in many different ways. Hash can be smoked on its own, rolled into a joint, and sprinkled in your bowl. You can even vape or dab it.

As mentioned earlier, you can even cook with it!

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