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Honey Oil (Dark Side Dabs)

(7 customer reviews)


1 gram syringe

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Dark Side Dabs – Honey Oil


Locally produced in Nelson, BC by very, very long-time growers (A couple and their grandson), Dark Side Dabs produces honey oil that is butane extracted and charcoal filtered. Their product is then winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes, in addition to plant material. A tasty, clear, but dark brown-hued oil is the result of this great quality oil containing 75-80% THC.

Packaged in one gram syringes for convenient dosing, it can be enjoyed with a pipe, vaporized, rolled in a joint, or hot knifed. Perfect for situations when immediate absorption is required.

Note: There may be air bubbles in the syringe, which is normal. Each syringe is based on weight (approximately 1.0 grams) rather than volume (ml) of Honey Oil.


7 reviews for Honey Oil (Dark Side Dabs)

  1. Jay1984 (verified owner)

    I haven’t had oil in yrs and thought I’d give it a try. Was not disappointed! Tastes great. Great addition the my joints for a nice slow burn. Totally going to add one of these to my orders more often

  2. Sourdiesel133 (verified owner)

    Excellent, well made honey oil. Clean and clear.

  3. Sammi (verified owner)

    I Love this oil! A little bit of nice weed/tonic on paper = beautiful smoke 🙂

  4. Joey Carrier (verified owner)

    hella good…. only thing u get used to it beffore ending the thang!!

  5. xJovanx (verified owner)

    Pretty strong. Great for a discrete option.

  6. Cowgirl29 (verified owner)

    I love this product. It’s the best effect for the least amount of weed for sure.

  7. digiguy (verified owner)

    Nice oil! I figure it’s on the sativa side, nice taste, mild citrus flavor, wholesome buzz and great price.

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